The Video: A Poem

I saw you today for the

first time in months.

Felt like years to me.

The hollow spaces within

my skull flooded with

memories. The levees couldn’t

hold, and the water leaked

out onto my face. And

then it poured. What could

I do? Once the levees shatter

the water is unstoppable.

Gurgles and bubbles escaped

and rose from my mouth.


You were there; right in

front of me. Breathing in

life, singing your song,

heart beating like

the waves of the ocean.

You radiated your

sense of existence.


I reached out to

touch your face.

Too bad a glass screen separated



Swig- A poem

A simple outline.

Part air,

Part memory.

When my eyes shut,

You’re easier to visualize.

Grasp the toxic liquid.

“Here’s to us,” I say

looking at that picture

where you are smiling down at me,

looking at me like I was

more than the spectacular sun.

“Or to the old us.”