Singing the Night Away- A poem

“But I still wake up, I still see your ghost. Oh, Lord, I’m still not sure what I stand for.”- Some Nights, Fun

There will always be

that one song that

somehow changed your life.

This is to that one

summer night where

two strangers morphed

into something incredible.

Sang on late, innocent

subway rides that would

lead to a night filled of

ecstasy. To a night

bellowing out words

like smoke from

a pipe.  To a night

tripping over the words;

never getting it right.

Ginning and heads

back, laughing from

our failed attempt.

Here’s to the song that

I woke up to every morning.

Never bothered me because

I woke up in the clouds of

your embrace.  Recovering from

a night of two hearts beating

fast, and the world

spinning faster.

And those nights I

spent with you were the

nights I wish would

never end.  And, yes,

I am quite scared

you’ll forget me because

my life is a war

that could never be

won; I’m simply

a winner at a

losing game.

And now I hear that

song on the radio, and

your ghost appears to

me; I don’t know whether

to smile or cry. Yet,

you’re still here; very

much alive in my

heart.  And when this

song plays, for four

minutes, you’re here

with me. We’re singing

the night away.