Sometimes the Universe is Too Perfect

I just cannot even describe how I feel right now. I feel absolutely incredible! For the first time in a couple of months I feel happy and bubbly and just…absolutely wonderful. I am in such high spirits, and I really want to write about it because there is a reason why this is so.

I know I keep talking about The Secret, and I keep promising I will write a lengthy, informational post; well, this isn’t it. I¬†promise it’ll come this week; something to keep my readers looking forward to, eh? ūüėȬ†Well, in this post, I want to talk about The Secret and how truly¬†extraordinary¬†it is.

I had to go into work today. The last time I was in work, it was a mess. I kept messing up orders, my bosses got angry with me, and I was just mentally exhausted and done. When I woke up this morning, I kept hoping that today would not be like last time. I had 15 minutes to spare after I got ready, so I decided I should meditate. I meditated for about 7 minutes, just focusing on attracting the positive and repelling the negative. I kept telling myself that I would have great day at work, I would have great customers, I would be positive, and the time would fly by.

I literally had the best customers ever. Most of them complimented me on my hard work, my lovely personality, and how amiable I was. One table, just two guys, stopped to have a conversation with me after I was done serving them. The one guy asked me what my major was, and I told him I was an education and history major. He smiled and told me,”I knew it! We were debating about what you were studying, and I told him education! You seem like a wonderful person to be with children; I’m sure they love you!” That comment is what started this awesome day. You see, I just recently switched majors (from neuroscience to education), and I keep wondering if I was meant to do it. Another man, one of my last tables, was apparently a CEO of a charter school in my area, and said he would hire me, after I told him I was an education major; he gave me his card. I love how the universe just handed me these people; it further made me believe that this was the right path for me.

The last table that I will tell you about is my favorite one to tell. It was a group of 6 and I served them as best as I could. When I gave them their check, the one lady said,” You were absolutely what we needed today. My mother recently passed away and we were all feeling down in the dumps. We were just talking about your bubbly and sunny personality, and how great it must be to have you around.” It really touched me. I made a difference in somebody’s day. I made somebody feel better. And, most importantly, they related me to the sun. My blog is named Forever Sunshine because (now I’m going to tell you a secret!) that’s my favorite name to be called. I know if somebody calls me Sunshine, they truly care about me and it makes me feel like I am a sun in their life. Some of the most important people in my life call(ed) me sunshine. When the table left, they stopped me, and asked if I could go home with them and just be positive.

I didn’t know how much meditation worked until now. I believe it honestly made a great deal of difference today, and also made me attract all these wonderful people. Even the cook, who is usually quiet towards me, even said I was really happy; actually…he just asked me what I was on because he wants some of it, too. It just feels incredible to receive these awesome feelings, and to know that I am in charge of how I feel every single day in my life. I believe that I will meditate every day before I start the day, just so I can make my day a whole lot easier. I highly suggest that you do, too!


Sunday, December 9th, 2012

It’s Friday! Hurrah! Friday must be my favorite day of the week because it brings you a wave of relief. After you get what needs to be done on Friday afternoon, you get a feeling of freedom, relief, and excitement. You don’t have to do work tonight, it’s your night to live freely and loosely. (Even though I posted it on a Sunday, I started it on a Friday just so you’re not confused)

Anyways, today I am going to continue the post from yesterday. I left off the post by asking,” What does Santa stand for?”

Ho ho ho!...and no, I'm not calling you a hoe three times.

Ho ho ho!…and no, I’m not calling you a hoe three times.

The answer honestly depends on the person answering it. But, today, if you choose to do so, you will read about my interpretation of what Santa stands for:


No...not that kind of magic, silly!

No…not that kind of magic, silly!

Think about it. As a child, what kinds of stories really grabbed you at heart? Those fairy tales/myths. Why was that so? It was because they usually have a mystical tone to a child, which will expose them to a wide array of emotions and thoughts. Magic seems so innocent, so pure. Believing that there’s magic-real magic- in the world, gives you a comfort that everything is good and holy in the world. It gives you a bit of security, and a lot of¬†believing. Which, you may or may not know, is the stressed word in the Christmas movie¬†The Polar Express. Believe was the word that the main character obtained on his ticket. In order for Christmas to be true to him, he had to believe.

Believing is not an easy thing-which also makes Christmas awesome for children because they already start believing. Most adults lose the way of believing, which we can also pop in the word faith, and I can totally see it to be true. Any observations I have obtained from adults, is that they have a loss in faith. If we could only change the way we paint the image of Christmas for kids, then maybe we can also find a way for them to hold onto that faith in adulthood.

Faith is a great thing to have when you’re an adult. I feel like one will be able to trust themselves better as well as lead a better and happier life. Having faith changed my life, even though I wish I had more of it. I have faith that everything in my life will go the way it’s supposed to. Everything happens for a reason, right? Trusting fate and a higher existence is controlling your life kind of gives comfort in a way that cannot be found somewhere else.

To sum up this post, Christmas is meant to metaphorically teach us as children that there is such thing as magic, and you just need to believe-and most importantly believe in yourself. When your an adult, you actually see real world “magic” happening. Whether it be the magic of love, the magic of miracles, or the magic of the world around us. Christmas is meant to keep us innocent, and believing in something. Whether it be Santa, the one you love, the children you love, or family. And I must admit, when you’re around the ones you love for Christmas, it’s pure magic to see them happy and smiling.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

I started off the day quite nicely today. Woke up at ten and went to breakfast with my beloved. After that, we went on a lovely walk. He asked me some questions that I thought I should address in my post today.

Christmas. Yes, believe it or not we talked about Christmas-more specifically Santa. And, no, we didn’t focus on what we wanted Santa to bring us, or what Santa brought us as little kids, but he asked me whether I believe that Santa was a good invention for little kids.

I had to think about it. Was Santa a good invention? Through many sub-questions and interesting insights on my part, I finally came to my answer: I believe that at one point Santa was a good invention for little kids, and then, through time, his image (and the image of Christmas in general) became distorted.

Saint Nicholas- the original Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas- the original Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas-Jolly Old Saint Nick- was the being that Santa was formulated from. He was known as a man of gift-giving. Unlike the Santa we know who puts presents under the tree, Saint Nick would put coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him. It really got me thinking on how different our Santa is nowadays, and how children react differently towards him.

Santa. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that word? Christmas. Red. Big jolly dude. Man who likes cookies. Man who flies around on December 25th with reindeer to hand out gifts to little children. Just recently I realized what is wrong with Christmas today, but also what makes it so spectacular.

I learned the downfall through my family. This year, the older people in my family (more specifically my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my other uncle) decided not to do pollyanna. This astounded me because that means they’re not giving presents to each other. At all. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole idea of Christmas is to willingly give gifts to family members because of that thing called¬†love? Yeah, I know that the economy isn’t that great right now, but if my aunt (who is the one who proposed not to give one gift to another family member having a $40 maximum spending limit) can buy a 100k trailer for a beach house, then she can willingly donate $5-$10 dollars on a gift. It’s honestly not how expensive or how extravagant the gift is, it’s the thought that counts. It’s the fact that somebody took some time to figure out a gift that you would like, that would suit you. Giving up on giving family members gifts just makes my heart sad.

What I’m meaning to say out of that last little paragraph, is that people are either giving gifts not through their heart (i.e. having somebody else tell them what they want, rather than them figuring out something that would make the other person happy) or not giving at all. One of the meanings of Christmas is a physical “donation” (if you will) of your friendship/relationship; or, in better terms, how well you know somebody and what you think of them.

Relating this to children and Santa, one of the questions I was asked was,” Do you think Christmas lists are appropriate for kids?” Initially my answer was yes, mostly because of the fact that writing a letter to the North Pole for Santa was magical, idealistic, and intriguing. But now, as I sit and think more about it, I realize that my answer is kind of in limbo-between yes or no. A parent shouldn’t need a fake Santa’s letter in order to find out what their kid wants. If the child wants something, chances are that they will tell the parent when they are in the toy store. But, to bring up a point for the no side, if a parent gets a child’s wish wrong, and the child wanted something else, the kid will question the¬†authenticity¬†of Santa. For the sake of the parent, I have come to conclusion, that children should not write any kind of Christmas list so they do not question Santa’s validity, and have the parent give a gift from their heart; a gift that shows that the parent is actually paying attention to their beloved child’s life.

Now, this does not mean that the child should not be introduced to Santa. I believe that believing in Santa as a little kid is a great thing.

Why? You may ask? Well, I ask you, what does Santa stand for?

(This post will be continued tomorrow)