Reminiscing the Devil: A Poem

There was a time,

months ago, where

I’d spend my

free time with

you. Inhaling your

intoxicating smoke,

devouring your

venomous words.


Now I spend my

idle time in

solitude. Inking

up blank pages

—pages like me,

barren and empty—

blindly to keep the

ghost of you alive.


But who am I

to possess that power?

To keep you—this demon—alive

when you are meant

to be purged and exorcised?


It’s because we’re all sinners

We all love to keep the

Devil alive to remind us

what we have been through.


About themosthighhistoryguru

College student at Boston University studying psychology. Figuring life out day-by-day.

One thought on “Reminiscing the Devil: A Poem

  1. plaridel says:

    as they say, the devil is in the details. but if we focus on the big picture, we’ll be fine.

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