10 Ways to Successfully Celebrate YOU for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys! So, I’ve decided to try and do something new; spice up my blog a little. I bet y’all have had enough of poems for a lifetime!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I know millions of us single people are around the world. Valentine’s Day for single people seem to get a bad reputation, but, I am going to change that around! Valentine’s Day is about love, and if you can’t share it with a partner or a friend, share it with yourself! You completely deserve it! And, your celebrating your love for somebody who’s the MOST important person in your life!

I’ve gathered some things you can do for yourself n order to have the BEST Valentine’s Day. You’ll love it so much, you’ll be glad you spent your attention on yourself, and didn’t mope about being single!

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  1. Watch your favorite movie (bonus points if it’s a romance): Nobody will tell you what not to watch, so if you want to watch The Notebook (like I am going to!) you are free to do it. Feel free to fan girl all over Ryan Gosling, or even wish that you have a love like that. Remember, if you want it, The Secret will get it to you! 🙂
  2. Eat your favorite meal (bonus points if you cook it for yourself): Treat yourself to something special. Maybe a candlelit dinner of veal marsala, or you can order your favorite cheesy pizza and eat the entire thing for yourself! Don’t think for a second what the calories will do to you; this is a day specifically devoted to you, and you should be treated.
  3. Eat some chocolate: If you’re feeling depressed on V-day, chocolate is the best medicine. Not only can it be healthy, but it is also a known anti-depressant. These are excuses enough to treat yourself to a little chocolate bite 😉
  4. Dance to your favorite music: If you’re all alone, dance the night away. Nobody’s looking, and it feels SO good to just let loose and go crazy, especially to tunes that you love. Go ahead, try that Gangham Style move that you’ve always wanted to try. Bonus points if you master the choreography of Single Ladies
  5. Write: What better way to celebrate yourself than to write what’s on your mind? You can write in your journal, a poem, a story, and essay, or just words on a page! Whatever makes you happy! Write a letter to a family member or a friend you love!
  6. List things you love about yourself: This is a given, and it’s also an exercise of The Secret. Point out all your strengths and what makes you YOU! Make it look pretty, too. Draw pictures, have fancy handwriting, put a sticker of your favorite Disney Princess, whatever you want to make it stand out to you! Then put it somewhere that you can look at it every day. It’ll remind you of why you are an awesome, beautiful, and lovable person.
  7. Make some art: Doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, express yourself anyways! Pick something that you want to trace, or something that you want to attempt to draw. Focus in on how you perceive that object, and just draw it! Art can never be bad in your eyes because it’s your own creation! You made whatever was on that paper from how you perceive it.
  8. Have a cup of tea/coffee and read a book (bonus points if it’s a Nicholas Sparks book!): Reading is such a great way to escape and find some excellent alone time.  You can travel within your mind and imagination, and let your mind run loose. Reading gives a kind of serenity to the body, and it makes you appreciate what you can do with simple words.
  9. Eat your favorite ice cream (bonus points if you make yourself a sundae!): Splurge! Grab some of that Haagen Dazs ice cream in your freezer and top it with fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream, and whatever other topping you want to put on it! There’s not another better way to celebrate yourself; all problems can be solved with a scoop of delicious ice cream.
  10. Go shopping (online or out on the town): If you don’t want to treat yourself with food, treat yourself to something more material. Buy that new pair of sexy heels for a night on the town, or that new Les Miserables CD that you’ve been listening to 24/7. You don’t even need to treat yourself to something big; just something to show yourself some appreciation!

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College student at Boston University studying psychology. Figuring life out day-by-day.

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