Alleviation- A Poem

My soul

Scorched by your

Flame; tormented by

Your touch. Only

Time will let it

Heal, but the

Mark will be

Eternal. Reminding me

Of how you burned



The Book- A poem

You’re standing there amongst

the rest of them. Organized between

various other books I have read;

Or didn’t read. I haven’t given you

a second thought; never thought about

reading you. I had a wide variety of other

charming, worthwhile books to read. To me

you were just another in the millions

out there.


One melancholy night, when I was

frustrated with my current reading

you fell down from the shelf,

right down by my feet as if

the world,

the Universe,

Even Sir Issac Newton and his

scientific law

were screaming at me.

“Read it! Read it!”


Following my heart, I left my old book;

and carefully picked you up from the floor.

I wiped the dust off,

I observed your tattered cover;

You’ve been through the same

tumultuous times as me. Don’t worry,

I promise to cherish you.

The more I read, the more I was

alleviated of the aching ailments

that thrived in this world.

You engaged me in deep conversations,

Enveloping my soul.


From then on I started to read you

with my entire heart.

I started getting drunk off your words,

off your presence. It was a kind of

high that I’ve never felt before.

No drug could ever do this to me.

I let my fingers gently caress your

sturdy, sculptured spine.

My hands lingered gracefully over your

soft, seraphic pages. All that you were

saying to me was satisfactorily and

extraordinarily beautiful beyond belief.

You were speaking directly into my heart,

as if you knew it as well as your own.

Synchronicity made a lover out of this book;

me having an affair with the carefully

worded phrases and sentences. Me having

a lover in which only I could understand.


But, similar to life, a book must

always end. Sometimes tragically,

sometimes magnificently.

But whatever the story,

whatever the adventure.

There’s always a lesson learned.

A succinct story said.

A terrific tale told.

A song that desperately needed to be sung.


Now onto a new book.

Millions to choose from,

Millions to make a difference

in your life. Another to add into

your collection of grand and lovely

legends read.

A fresh story unfolds.