My New Year’s Resolution (s)

Sorry if I’ve been kind of slacking on writing. I promise within the next couple of days I’ll finish my Les Mis series post, and insert a post that I’ve been working on; it’s the reason why I have been lacking in my writing here. I’ve been talking about The Secret with a bunch of people, and a close friend isn’t familiar with it. I told her that I would post on my blog a summary of it instead of having her read the book, or watch the documentary. I felt like it would be good for her, good for me because then I can understand the concepts better, and good for those who read. Instead of writing, I’ve been rereading The Secret and I have been highlighting points that I want to include in the post. So, until then, here’s my resolutions for the next year!:

  • Have a jar that collects all my favorite moments, quotes, and ideas of 2013
  • Write every day (whether it be on my novel, on here, in my diary, or for school)
  • Have at least 5 posts a week
  • Do meditation once a day (and eventually twice a day) for 10-15 minutes each session
  • Cook more and learn new recipes
  • Be more positive and confident
  • Read more and watch more documentaries
  • Eat more healthy
  • Exercise more (I used to go to the gym all the time, and now I’m slacking off. This needs to stop)
  • Limit my complaining and accepting life as it is
  • Finish my first novel (3 years has been long enough)
  • Limit tumblr and facebook to an hour a day (both websites together)
  • Limit watching shows and movies on, probably only using the website on weekends.
  • Make new friends (such a great resolution!)
  • Having a normal sleep schedule and waking up semi-early

Most of my resolutions are just tweaks in my every day life. I’ve gotten into some bad habits, like snacking and going to bed at 5 and sleeping until noon. I’m hoping that I have the motivation to keep these up and fix them. If I do, it can lead into a more positive lifestyle which could help me immensely.


About themosthighhistoryguru

College student at Boston University studying psychology. Figuring life out day-by-day.

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