The Tiny Synchronicities of the Universe

Before I do my next post on the themes of Les Mis, I had an inspiration to write a post on synchronicity. I am sure I will do many posts on it since basically my entire life has been one giant synchronicity (and yours has too!) and I’m currently reading a book to learn more about it.

I’m sure many of you are wondering,”Synchronicity, what is it?”. Now, I could be really sassy and just tell you to wikipedia it, or it, but I shall tell you before I go in depth with my tales! It’s a term that comes from Carl Jung and he describes it as “a string of coincidences that occur in multiple events”.  The way that I describe it is in one word: signs. I learned this term only recently, about 6 months ago, but I realized synchronicity has been happening in my life many times before then. Back in high school, I would get reoccurring “signs” about things important to me; the major one being about Boston. Time in and time out I remember the word “Boston” would appear randomly on everything; I’d be walking throughout Philly and I’d see about 10 Boston sports paraphernalia, or I would flip randomly to a page in my French text book and the word Boston would occur in the text (true story!). Reading through this, you might be thinking of something similar, am I right?

Well, what does this mean? It’s the Universe speaking to you on its own terms. It’s trying to point you in the right direction, telling you where your fate is. Synchronicity is the Universe guiding you on your life path, so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose. Ever since I became more spiritually “aware”, synchronicity has been all around me. I’ll think of somebody and, moments later, they will appear; it’ll even be somebody who I haven’t seen in a while. For example, yesterday I was going to the mall and randomly thought of my friend who was visiting in a nearby town. Later, I run into that same girl in the mall; what are the chances?!

The event that inspired me to make this post was something that happened today.

Yesterday I was browsing through the bookstore’s magazines, and a magazine caught my eye. It was a magazine called “Mind, Body, Spirit”, and this wasn’t the first time that I was buying this magazine. I bought it a time before, and absolutely loved all the articles within it! Then, today, I was reading it, and I closed the magazine just staring at the image on the front, and letting my thoughts roam.I thought it was so inspiring, I wanted to post a picture of it on Facebook when I got back from work.I got to the point where I looked him up on the internet, and realized, that I’ve seen his work before! I saw it one day on Tumblr, and I thought it was awesome that his images were reintroduced into my life.

My magazine; Cover done by the artist Alex Grey and it is called "The Net of Being"

My magazine; Cover done by the artist Alex Grey and it is called “The Net of Being”

Then when I came back from work, I went on Facebook to see what was new, and I saw this post from’s facebook page:

alex grey

I did a double take! I could not believe that this was actually happening; I grew a little bit excited. Sometimes I think the Universe does this to me in order to amuse me..and, believe me, it’s working because I started to laugh a little.

Strange coincidences like this is an amazing thing, and all somebody needs to do is just become more spiritually aware of your surroundings. Big or little, these things really do make such a great difference in one’s life. It’s a way of the Universe telling you,” Hey, you’re on the right path” and “you’re becoming one with the Universe, good job!”. Whomever said life isn’t beautiful or worth it hasn’t been through the things that I go through every day. Things like this is what motivates me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically because I know that the Universe is on my side, and always will be.


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