Inspiration by Literature: Les Mis (Part 1/3)

So, I just came back from seeing Les Mis with my mother, and I must say, I was blown away. Victor Hugo was a genius at the plot. The movie inspired me so much that I want to read his book. The movie was filled with symbolism and great themes (my two favorite things to see in novels), so I think it would be beneficial to read it. Also, I love being inspired by other peoples’ writings; I incorporate them to my own. For example, Oscar Wilde is my current role model as a writer.  I first read The Picture of Dorian Gray in my AP English and Literature class in 12th grade, and I was the only one who loved it. People complained that it was too descriptive, too dark, too dreary. For me, it was a reader’s orgasm. Since I love description, symbolism, and hidden themes, it was a paradise for me. I think I spent hours analyzing what Oscar Wilde meant; I did the same for his play “The Importance of Being Earnest”. His wit is something else I admire about him; only he would think to connect food with sexual desires…what a complete genius! (That’s actually what I wrote my essay on,too).

Today’s post I will be chatting about theme(s) (I might go into multiple, depending on my obvious rambling thoughts) I found really intriguing in the story. Where to begin?

I think today I’m going to address love and family. I was quite amused by the “romantic love” I saw in the movie. At first I was yearning for a love like that, as I always do, but somewhere throughout the movie I stopped doing that; which was kind of new for me. I started to enjoy seeing to people happy with each other instead of wishing I was them; I enjoyed their positive energy and how complete they felt. I came into realization that, through all my previous and current relationships with men, whether it be romantic, friends, family, etc., no man could ever satisfy me, or make me completely happy. I was chatting with a friend, actually a couple, about this, and I kept saying how my want for romantic love has died down. I’m attracted to men, but I don’t really want to commit myself romantically to one, and when it starts to happen I just want to back out. For some reason, which I know I don’t need to understand, my life path shouldn’t be revolved around romance and men, but it should be about me and what I am to do for this world.

Love is a very interesting emotion, or as my friend calls it “action”. I can’t even bring myself to call it an emotion, it’s something more than that. Something quite magical. And yet, people say that love is meant to be with only one other person. Why one other person? I thought it was infinite? Your infinite love for one person and your infinite love for another person still adds up for love to infinity. It’s complex because I know where people get the want to be with one other person. In Plato’s Symposium, he mentions that God originally created us with two heads,four arms, and four legs, but we were so powerful he split them up, and having them search for them; so, as the myth goes, there is another half out there. This is what we call our “twin flame” in spirituality. But, from what I have read, you don’t end up with your twin flame until the end of your soul’s travel (I will do multiple posts on my belief about lifetimes and what souls go through sometime in the next month; it’ll be about this thing called “The Michael Teachings”) and sometimes you don’t end up with them, or you have a very complex relationship. This person is literally the opposite of you. Your strengths are their weaknesses, and their weaknesses are your strengths. You compliment each other in the best, and worst, way possible. Aside from them, you have tons of other soul mates. But why must you be separate from the other part of you? Because, now this seems a bit far-fetched, you both have goals that need to be completed, and sometimes you need to do things alone in order to be together.

But, your other soul mates are ones you can love, too. They are your friends, your family, your other loves, and they’re meant to be in your life to continue this path that you are on. You meet people for a reason, and you’re all connected whether you like it or not. And it’s extraordinary to think that these people were meant to help you, and you were meant to help them.

Which brings me to my next topic: family. I know they say that you can’t pick family, but, turns out that you can. Jean Valjean became Cosette’s father, even though he wasn’t technically her father. But that love that he has for her, that’s what makes him a true father to her. I consider many of my best friends brothers and sisters, and I would treat them just as such. Just because we are blood related, does not mean that we are not bound by our souls. It is the ruler of this universe who provides us who we need, and with that in mind, everyone who he gives me I will call my family. My father gets upset when I call a non-blood relative my Uncle, but he acts like a part of family to me. He cares for my family, he loves my family, and he is good to my family; I welcome him with open arms. Why should I not call him my Uncle? Why should I not give him that honor? He’s giving us the honor of looking out for us; it’s the least I can do.

Whether you believe in fate, or not, there is a path that you are on. You will meet people who will challenge you in the best, and worst, ways possible, and just remember that it’s okay; they’re meant to do that. Connections with the souls closest to you is what is most important; that’s how I feel. This is why I feel as if no single person can leave me satisfied, because no single person should.


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