15 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

I’ve mentioned how I have been feeling down lately. My happiness has been getting better, but it’s still not up to par on what it used to be. During the past couple of days when I had time to think for myself, I’ve been trying to think of a couple of ways to bring my happy meter up. I tried to think of the things that I’m missing in my life now that I had when I was happy. So here’s a couple of things that will make you more happy. Enjoy!

  1. Surround yourself with family and friends– Love is the ultimate cure for anything, especially family and friends. (you can add your sweetheart in there too if you have one!) I am most energized when I have a great talk/time with my family, or my friends. Sharing the love with them really helps one’s energy.
  2. Read a good book– Books are always my escape; it’s like entering a new world. You forget who you are and what your problems are, and you become somebody else for that time that you spend reading. It’s quite a magical experience! And if reading is something you enjoy, like me, and it’s an outstanding book, then you will feel refreshed after taking some time to yourself. Plus, it’s a great imagination booster! 🙂
  3. Listen to your favorite songs– Music, whatever it is, is yet another great escape. I know when I’m mad and I listen to music, I calm down and feel a lot better. It’s like taking a hot shower and letting all the dirt wash off. Bonus: Dancing to your favorite music is the BEST. Dancing in general releases neurotransmitters in your brain (because it’s a lot like exercise) and makes you happier.
  4. Laugh– You must admit, laughing makes you hella happy. Well, obviously! It has also been proven that when you laugh it releases endorphins (happy molecules) in your brain, which is why you should laugh when you are sad and depressed. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
  5. Cry– This might seem a bit oxymoronic, but haven’t you ever felt better once you cried? It’s detrimental when you cry a lot over a short period of time, but one good cry takes toxins out of your body, and also releases endorphins in your brain. Even if you cry from laughter (which is the way you want to go) will be great for your body.
  6. Surround yourself with positive energy– This one is a given. Believe it or not, you subconsciously pick up energies from other people around you, both negative and positive.  If you surround yourself with negative people, you will most likely share that energy with them, but if you surround yourself with positive people, you might become a little bit more positive. Also, you really don’t want debbie-downers around you; you always want to surround yourself with loving and caring people who will make you laugh and smile.
  7. Smile as much as possible– Once again I’m going to go all neuroscience on you and tell you that smiling releases those fun little molecules in your brain that works with your emotions (yeah, yeah, yeah Michelle…we get it.). There’s an old wives tale that says even when you don’t feel like smiling, you should smile so that you can feel better (personally I do it just to show off my pearly whites. Kidding…really.). And you should show off your beautiful smile, too! Nobody likes a mopey person.
  8. Go out on a nature walk, or just be with nature in general– I love to stress our connection with nature. There’s something so natural about it, and, come to think of it, we’re a part of nature, too. Being in our natural habitat just gives a sense of calm and freedom like nothing else does. Plus, a dose of fresh air rather than that stuffy indoors air will makes your body happy…and then hopefully you become mentally happy!
  9. Write– If you’re a regular on my blog and know me well, you knew this was coming eventually. If there’s one thing I believe all people should do, it would be write. Writing is such a great escape (just like reading; they kind of go hand-in-hand) but YOU have the power to create your own story. Whether it be fiction, autobiographical, non-fictional, it doesn’t matter! Just getting your thoughts out there gives you a sense of power. I always like to say…the sword is my own pen!
  10. Browse stores/shop– But don’t overdo it! I know materialism comes out of overshopping when you’re depressed (my one friend told me he didn’t need a therapist because he would shop and buy things), but if you do it in moderation and don’t over buy things, then it can be quite beneficial. Treating yourself to a little something then and now is nice and refreshing, and you really deserve something; but don’t rely your happiness on it. Try on things with your friends. Be silly. Buy somebody a gift and give because you know it’ll make them happy. Guarantee you that those activities will be great.
  11. Buy/wear something sexy– And don’t do it for an event, do it just to do it. I know my best days are the ones where I’m looking good and I’m all dressed up! You should try it as well. Wear a pair of heels, do your hair, wear that red lipstick. When you look like a million bucks, you’ll feel like a million bucks.
  12. Meditate– Meditation is the best medicine. If you focus on the positivity around you and dispel the negative, I guarantee you after a couple of sessions you’ll feel a lot better. I feel my energy become more concentrated in positivity and light after I have a great meditation session.
  13. Sing– Doesn’t matter if you sing like Taylor Swift or a dying cat, do it anyways! Sing in the shower, sing in the car, or sing to your sweetheart; anything works! I know when I feel sucky and I start singing, eventually I feel a lot better. I get really into it and start pouring my heart out. You know if I’m singing, it’s a song that shows how I really feel. Bonus: Sing a happy, peppy song (I should just make a playlist for y’all to follow. I’ll stick that on my list to blog about).
  14. Exercise/ do yoga (or do both!)– Why? Release of endorphins (I got to the point this time! I figure that you just know it from now). And not only is it good for your body (if your body is happy, chances are you’ll become happier,too!), but it makes you feel hella better. Sometimes I run my stress out; after workouts I go home feeling on top of the world. Not to mention the diggin’ body that you’ll get (;
  15. Eat healthy/ drink lots of water– Same idea as the one previously mentioned. If you treat your body right and it is “happy”, then you, too, will become happy. Junk foods, the way that I see it, just weigh you down (literally!), and they are a source of negativity. People seem to go to it to fill a hole in their life (overeating). It’s good in moderation, but it should not be a part of your diet. You will not get the nutrients and energy you need to supply your body.

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