Sunday, December 9th, 2012

It’s Friday! Hurrah! Friday must be my favorite day of the week because it brings you a wave of relief. After you get what needs to be done on Friday afternoon, you get a feeling of freedom, relief, and excitement. You don’t have to do work tonight, it’s your night to live freely and loosely. (Even though I posted it on a Sunday, I started it on a Friday just so you’re not confused)

Anyways, today I am going to continue the post from yesterday. I left off the post by asking,” What does Santa stand for?”

Ho ho ho!...and no, I'm not calling you a hoe three times.

Ho ho ho!…and no, I’m not calling you a hoe three times.

The answer honestly depends on the person answering it. But, today, if you choose to do so, you will read about my interpretation of what Santa stands for:


No...not that kind of magic, silly!

No…not that kind of magic, silly!

Think about it. As a child, what kinds of stories really grabbed you at heart? Those fairy tales/myths. Why was that so? It was because they usually have a mystical tone to a child, which will expose them to a wide array of emotions and thoughts. Magic seems so innocent, so pure. Believing that there’s magic-real magic- in the world, gives you a comfort that everything is good and holy in the world. It gives you a bit of security, and a lot of believing. Which, you may or may not know, is the stressed word in the Christmas movie The Polar Express. Believe was the word that the main character obtained on his ticket. In order for Christmas to be true to him, he had to believe.

Believing is not an easy thing-which also makes Christmas awesome for children because they already start believing. Most adults lose the way of believing, which we can also pop in the word faith, and I can totally see it to be true. Any observations I have obtained from adults, is that they have a loss in faith. If we could only change the way we paint the image of Christmas for kids, then maybe we can also find a way for them to hold onto that faith in adulthood.

Faith is a great thing to have when you’re an adult. I feel like one will be able to trust themselves better as well as lead a better and happier life. Having faith changed my life, even though I wish I had more of it. I have faith that everything in my life will go the way it’s supposed to. Everything happens for a reason, right? Trusting fate and a higher existence is controlling your life kind of gives comfort in a way that cannot be found somewhere else.

To sum up this post, Christmas is meant to metaphorically teach us as children that there is such thing as magic, and you just need to believe-and most importantly believe in yourself. When your an adult, you actually see real world “magic” happening. Whether it be the magic of love, the magic of miracles, or the magic of the world around us. Christmas is meant to keep us innocent, and believing in something. Whether it be Santa, the one you love, the children you love, or family. And I must admit, when you’re around the ones you love for Christmas, it’s pure magic to see them happy and smiling.


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